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How It Works

We take advantage of new technology to better serve our customers with mobile batching services designed to help eliminate waste overruns and shortages.

Our new mobile concrete plant will arrive on the job site, the driver will adjust the material feed system to produce the desired mix and quantity of concrete needed.

All production is metered, poured exactly the way you need it and since our truck creates custom blended concrete mixes on site, you can produce many types of concretes on the same delivery.

Quality Control

Each of our volumetric mixers is literally a plant on wheels goes through an extensive regular maintenance to insure the quality and yield of every batch we deliver.

In addition to our regular maintenance

Commercial applications

Site-mixed concrete from Brothers II gives you the best early-strength concrete every time.  And since our concrete is mixed on-site you won’t have to worry about losing time or money due to pour delays or hot loads. 

Our exclusive system allows us to adjust slump and even add fiber and color on the fly.  Our mobile concrete plant allows you to pour day or night to fit your schedule.

Ideal for

Residential applications


Brothers II offers the perfect solution for DIY projects around your home or property as you only pay for what you use!

Never worry about underestimating or over ordering for your residential project. As our mixers create no waste your cleanup is next to nothing.

Ideal for

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